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BBR Podcast Off-Season #2: Joey Gruden and Ryan Mikesell Plug TBT

The boys sit down to the virtual roundtable to talk TBT and Dayton hoops

The award-winning, record-breaking podcast is back for another rousing offseason episode full of Dayton basketball goings-on. 

Sully shares his thoughts on non-conference scheduling so that fans can openly ridicule him for how stupid he is, pragmatism be damned, and then thanks a few sponsors before getting to the meat and bones of the episode. 

Chip Mikesell and Joey Gruden join the show while everyone waits for Trey Landers. Does he show up? When? Does he completely bail on the episode altogether? Tune in to find out! 

Updates on Matej Svoboda are discussed, the latest on the TBT is promoted by Joey, and Sully asks Ryan how he feels about the past season with a rearview mirror of hindsight. 

In the middle of the episode, Sully does his best to derail the conversation by proposing a new NBA calendar year (that’s already being discussed as reality) but quickly the conversation shifts back to whether Chip Mikesell would prefer no NCAA tournament, or losing to a 15 seed in the first round. Debate ensues. 

Wear Red, Stay #LOWD, Enjoy the show

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