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Podcast Off-Season #7: A Dayton Conversation with Mo Egger

Cincinnati’s favorite sports radio host joins Sully for a conversation about the Flyers

The offseason series rolls on, this time with Cincinnati’s own Mo Egger, heard on ESPN 1530 in the Queen City. 

Sully opens the program with a brief rundown on what’s upcoming in the TBT, before diving into a recent issue brought up on ESPN about high school recruits including HBCUs in their decision-making process. 

The bulk of the episode is a conversation with Mo about his time in Dayton, his conflicting allegiances between UD and UC, and the heartbreak of seeing the 2020 season come to a close without a conclusion. Both agree that this past season should be a jumping off point for UD and that fans should expect more from the program moving forward. 

I’m sure those from Cincinnati will enjoy this one just a little bit more than the rest of us, but its for the whole of Flyer Nation, nonetheless. 

Wear red, stay LOWD

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