U. Dayton BasketballPodcast Off-Season #7: A Dayton Conversation with Mo Egger

Cincinnati's favorite sports radio host joins Sully for a conversation about the Flyers
Sully3 months ago2 min

The offseason series rolls on, this time with Cincinnati’s own Mo Egger, heard on ESPN 1530 in the Queen City. 

Sully opens the program with a brief rundown on what’s upcoming in the TBT, before diving into a recent issue brought up on ESPN about high school recruits including HBCUs in their decision-making process. 

The bulk of the episode is a conversation with Mo about his time in Dayton, his conflicting allegiances between UD and UC, and the heartbreak of seeing the 2020 season come to a close without a conclusion. Both agree that this past season should be a jumping off point for UD and that fans should expect more from the program moving forward. 

I’m sure those from Cincinnati will enjoy this one just a little bit more than the rest of us, but its for the whole of Flyer Nation, nonetheless. 

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