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Podcast Off-Season #9: Joey Gruden Recaps TBT

One more podcast to close a chapter in our lives known as the TBT

The whole gang is back to close the book on the TBT in Columbus, where the Red Scare came up short in the semifinals. 

Sully brings Blackburn and Drew back to talk about how they enjoyed having basketball to watch and then each present scenarios for how they would personally run the TBT money-wise. 

The conversation quickly shifts to talk about the Red Scare, what they were lacking in Columbus, and how a few outsiders surprised everyone by contributing nightly. 

Around the half hour mark Sully brings on the TBT Coach making his third appearance on the award-winning podcast, Joey Gruden, to tell his tales about being in the bubble and commanding the troops for a few days. 

The last segment of the show is an interview with self-made Flyer Famous citizen, Andrew Bostick, who paid $1500 of his own hard-earned American dollars to support the Red Scare TBT Team and sit on the bench for the games in Columbus. 

PSA at the very end of the episode: the club hockey team has cleared their fundraiser with the university and have re-opened the marketplace for you to buy either of their jerseys, which are honestly pretty sick. Link to said marketplace is below…

Thank you to our sponsors, please wear red and remain LOWD. 



  1. poopybuttt

    July 21, 2020 at 10:16 PM

    whats the password for the jersey store

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