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The Great Scheduling Switcharoo

UD’s Athletic Department Selfishly Uses Rona To Their Advantage

This website isn’t much for breaking news or writing timely blogs related to current events, but tonight, we’ll make an exception.

Late Friday night, the Dayton Twitter world was made aware of one of the greatest scheduling shiestings of all-time. Our guy Jeff Goodman (not Jon Rothstein who was too slow and was asleep at the wheel not doing his job) broke the news…

It bears emphasizing that this is a GIANT scheduling victory for Dayton. UD was originally scheduled to play in the Myrtle Beach tournament with this field…


…but instead, used rona as an opportunity to tell Myrtle Beach, “no thanks, we’ll figure it out from here” and go back on the hunt like a frat boy fresh out of the bathroom. The result was placement into the loaded field you see above (with nothing but power conference programs), being played at The Pentagon in Sioux Falls, SD, as a relocated venue from the original Battle 4 Atlantis tournament in the Bahamas.

What we know as of this writing is that Dayton will get two games. Who they are against, when those games take place, and what percentage of fans will be in attendance are all to be determined. Speaking more broadly, we’re probably looking at Thanksgiving weekend or the first week of December for these games, and its a safe bet they will all be nationally televised. Fret not.

I have entirely held off on writing scheduling articles this offseason, mainly due to the uncertain nature of the process and the constant changing of the tide in regards to how college basketball will handle the rona. But here’s what we do know:

  • Indiana State backed out of their game with UD
  • Talks are still in the works to keep SMU on the schedule and play that game in Dallas
  • Ole Miss is still honoring their home-and-home agreement, and is tentatively scheduled to come to UD Arena on December 19th
  • UD will still likely be filling three or four more home games in the month of December
  • UD will be playing in a bubble tournament in Atlanta
  • This non-con schedule could end up being the best we’ve seen during our entire time in the A10 (which is a ridiculous thing to write but I shouldn’t be surprised that something so silly would happen in 2020)

Dayton was originally scheduled to play in a similar event in Atlanta as the one they played in last year in Phoenix, but now that “bubble event” is being expanded and the possibility exists that UD gets two games instead of the originally planned one-off against Mississippi State.

With all of that said, this is the month that things will really start moving and shaking in college basketball. It’s pretty likely we’ll have a schedule for UD before the end of the month, even if it is tentative for a few weeks afterwards.

Basically everyone is making this all up as they go along, as we have been throughout most of 2020, and everything I just wrote could change again in two weeks. This is just what was worth writing right now at the beginning of October.

Last thing: if you haven’t heard, we changed the name of the podcast and released episode 1 with Larry Hansgen on October 1st. Type “Talking Out LOWD” into wherever you listen to podcasts, and you’ll be sure to find us. Better show, more options to listen, weekly episodes, win win for everyone.

Wear red, be LOWD, college basketball will be back…in one form or another. Enjoy lots of other sports without fans until then.

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