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U. Dayton Basketball

Gameday Morning #1: Eastern Illinois

We finally made it

It feels good to be back bitches!

Couple things have changed this season, a couple have stayed the same: 

You’re still going to get nothing but the most honest Dayton Flyers basketball content on the internet, but the podcast has moved! For the new season we have re-branded the show to Talking Out LOWD, which can be found wherever you get your podcasts. (literally, search it in google, try it right now) With that in mind, every gameday morning someone from the crew will be posting everything you need to know about the matchup in 5 minutes or less, and you can still expect the long-form recons of opposing teams for those of you who truly enjoy getting into the weeds. We also posted our most-listened to interviews from the BBR podcast on the Talking Out LOWD page, just in case you’re new to the program and missed them last year. 

When we can swing it (like tonight) we will also be posting “rapid reaction” podcasts, where we discuss our five takeaways from each game, as well as what we learned about old U of D in the process. Those conversations will be posted to the Talking Out LOWD page immediately following the games. 

LAST THING! Talking Out LOWD is getting as official as a presidential election, and this coming Saturday we will be hosting our very first LIVE PREGAME SHOW from the fine establishment of Timothy’s Bar and Grill on Brown Street, from 1130a to 130p, a half hour before game time with SMU. The pregame show will take place each Saturday in December (5th, 12th, 19th) and can be heard live on ESPN 1410 AM in Dayton, as well as streaming on the site, or iHeart Radio if you’re out of market. We will have guests from opposing teams, former players, and we’re even going to allow you dolts to call in and share sentiment about the upcoming match-up. If all this works, we’ll fire it up for the rest of the basketball season. This is a long way of saying: support our live show and we’ll support you right back. 

For now, here’s what you need to know in 5 minutes or less. Wear red, be LOWD, we finally made it. 


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