Podcast: Mary Janes

Podcast: Mary Janes


Well, after two attempts at recording, and way too much time spent figuring out how to get this to you, here is the first installment of the 5FF podcast. We are hoping to make this a bi-weekly thing. Frankly, this is easier than writing a post each week, so we will be alternating between podcasts and posts. Also, we are very hip to the times.  We will also be doing a movie podcast where we discuss, and rip on, some of our favorite awesomely bad movies. We’re going to try to have a guest whenever we can make that happen. Things might be a little rough at first, but I’m sure (mostly) that we will get the hang of this at some point.

Itunes takes a little bit of time to approve and get the podcasts up in their store, so as soon as that happens we will provide a link so you can go subscribe. I’ve also heard it is helpful for people to give you a positive rating, so when the time comes, do that.

Lastly, the hardest part of the 5FF’s is coming up with subjects to talk about each week. We like hearing from you guys, so if you have some suggestions, email them to us 5ForFlying@gmail.com, or find us on twitter. Don is usually in control of the @5ForFlying account, and I can be found @Conley76. In addition to the comments section, this is a good way to let us know what you think, or just to shoot the shit about the Flyers.

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