GoFundMe For Kyle Davis & Family

GoFundMe For Kyle Davis & Family

Real horrible situation for KD and his family. I can’t imagine graduating college then losing your family home a few days later. Wanted to get this out there for those of you not on social media channels. 

An alumni setup a GoFundMe for his family, description and link below – spread the word. 

“On April 4, 2017, the family home of recent University of Dayton graduate and basketball player,Kyle Davis, was destroyed by a fire. This was his family’s home on the south side of Chicago. There were 9 family members living in the home they have owned for over 60 years when a faulty heater in his uncle’s bedroom started the fire. The family, including 3 great aunties, a great uncle, a cousin and her daughter as well as his mother and sister are now living in temporary housing.

In an article in the Dayton Daily News, writer Tom Archdeacon quoted UD coach, Archie Miller, “Anybody who’s ever been around him knows he’s one of the best teammates you could ever have. He’s also one of the toughest kids I’ve ever been around. And off the floor, you couldn’t be around a better guy.” We would like to raise money to help this great young man as he heads back to home.”


“Temporary housing” ?? Fuck that, let’s get these people taken care of.

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They should have had a GoFundMe to pay their insurance premiums and this isn’t an issue…

Tom Blackburn

I had that thought myself, not sure what their situation is like though.

Boner Hirt

I think he saw scoochie got piss out of his go fund me, so he went ahead and raised the stakes and actually burnt the fucker down for his. What ever happened to getting a job after graduation?

Mount McKinley - fuck Wright
Mount McKinley - fuck Wright

12k nice, but Archie makes this much every single day. Couldn’t he just make it happen?

Ol\' DB

I loved Archie but I never went to the UD Arena or traveled around the country to watch him coach from the sidelines. I went to watch the players. I don’t mind sending a few bucks to KD….he’s more than earned it.

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