Overdue Thoughts on Beating A Mediocre College Basketball Team

Overdue Thoughts on Beating A Mediocre College Basketball Team

We have never been a blog that specializes in up-to-the-minute journalism. We enjoy being the every-man blog, and unfortunately the “every man” sometimes needs to have a plethora of beers on a Sunday whilst yelling at a television watching football. This excuse for the delay of the GSU recap is a nicer way of saying “nothing I saw on Saturday night motivated me to write this blog post in a hurried manner.”

Every time I put finger to keyboard this season, I do make a concerted effort to not repeat all the infuriating bullshit we have become accustomed to this season. Here’s a list of those things:

  • UD’s defense has been atrocious just about every game, most teams are going to be chucking 3’s against the Flyers this season.
  • We are 10 games into the season and Anthony Grant’s team is still completely baffled by a zone defense
  • Josh Cunningham (even in a 29-point effort!) does not get the ball enough.
  • Not a single thing about this team has been consistent outside of Josh and DURRELL.
  • John Crosby is John Crosby.

These are the truths that have remained evident through the 5-5 start. We have a quick turnaround and another game tomorrow out in California, so here’s 5 things that were pretty cool, I guess. I have to find positive things to say, I realize that:

  1. Josh Cunningham is just an absolute monster down low, and turned in his best performance in a Flyers uniform, finishing with 29 points and 18 (!!) rebounds. Video game stats as far as I’m concerned. For the second game in a row, he took only 9 shots. He was outshot by the basketball players Davis, DURRELL and Jordan, and threw up the same amount of looks as John Crosby. At face value this seems like something that is head-scratching, but when you really consider that were now 10 games into the season and still are not planning the offensive gameplan around Josh, one could become nauseous. These are the types of things I cannot begin to explain, luckily UD hired an assistant coach who wears his first initial as a belt buckle to solve these problems.
  2. While the key to the offense is certainly #0, the man who keeps it churning is the senior, DURRELL Davis. More than anything, DURRELL has been able to provide that spark or big shot when the Flyers have needed it this season. I swear to you I did not realize until looking through the box score that DURRELL did not take a single 2-point look on Saturday night. He was 5-13 from the field, he was also 5-13 from 3. Again, like most things with this team, I have no idea what to do with this information.
  3. We saw little of Matej Svoboda. I was not mad.
  4. The 7 man rotation was the closest thing we’ve seen to an actual consistent lineup from Anthony Grant . There will plenty of other games to discuss all the coaching blunders he has been putting us though, today is not that day. I watched the game on an ipad and its 36 hours later, what do you people want from me?
  5. O ya, Trey Landers had a solid game! Youngster chipped in 10 points and 8 boards and was fairly disruptive. I guess that’s something we can get behind, right?!

Last thing and we’ll wrap up here: what are the roles of the players on this team? I think I can hammer out two:
DURRELL gonna score.
Josh gonna eat.

After that, I am interested in the readers of this website telling me the roles of the rest of the team through 10 games. Slide in the comments and give me your thoughts. I think it is the #1 thing holding this team back right now. In previous seasons, you started to see the team take shape at the Thanksgiving tournament, then mold its way into the version of the team it was going to be around December-early January. I don’t think it’s reaching to say I have less of an idea who this team is on December 18th than I did before Charleston.

I urge you not to talk yourself into thinking this was a good win, it was not. When Penn and Georgia State were put on the schedule, there is not a single reader out there who said “1-1”, yet here we are. These games weren’t “tricky,” these teams were not good teams. Dayton went 1-1 against two mediocre mid-major basketball teams. The 2017-18 Dayton Flyers are a mediocre mid-major basketball team.

Put the kids to bed early tomorrow, it could get ugly out in California. Do your best to stay #LOWD.

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The LOWD ambassador of Chicago, Sully has spent his life tirelessly watching UD hoops. Welcomer of all takes, hot and cold.

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No roles, No offensive plan, No substitution pattern. All of these things fall at the feet of the coach and anyone who watched AG at Bama knows none of these things should surprise anyone. Can’t wait for the coaching search in March of 2020 but I’m afraid he’ll get an extra year because he’s an alum.

Dr. Funk
First off we fucking suck. So with that fact out of the way lets look at this team. KenPom has us ranked 124 (6th in the A-10) which I was pleasantly surprised with since we are trash. Our offense efficiency is 130 and so is our defense (seriously, I’m shocked too). Our luck factor is -0.42 good for 255 (don’t let that fool you we suck) and our SOS numbers are all in the 140’s. Our margins are terrible as we have +1.2 scoring margin, +2.2 rebound and -1.6 turnover. What did I learn from looking at these stats, that… Read more »
Anthony Grant
Hi this is Anthony Grant, I just got off the phone with Archie after his game with IPFWQZ. I told him I was getting some heat already from the Fan base about my sub pattern and the offense and the defense that I run. He was very gracious and is going to send me the tape of the game so me and staff can work on defending the 3 and how to feed the post. He said he was also a bit disappointed with my results. On defense even though his team was getting tourched last nite and gave up… Read more »

Ctime is on it. The other point is this team takes on the personality of its coach. PASSIVE!!

The Legend of Mike Gooney
The Legend of Mike Gooney

if you think Anthony Grant feels bad imagine how Ron Hunter must feel. Hunter probably hasn’t felt this horrible leaving UD arena since the day his gagged blunder choked away a potential Miami Redskins upset win over Len Bias and Maryland in March of 1985. Some of us remember him BEFORE he fell off a chair cheering on his son.
Ron Harpo may still be pissed to this day??

Angry John

Ron Harper hates the Flyers to this day. How do I know ? I had a conversation with him, his brother and a couple of the Carter brother’s a couple years ago and the Flyers came up in the discussion and he ripped them.

Kid Flyer

Josh Cunningham is a cross between Bill Russell and Questlove. Pretty much nothing cooler than that.

paul nardin

The one key is that Crosby needs to be in the game! As much as we want to dislike him because he plays out of control at times he is the one player other teams can not contain because he has the innate ability to get to the goal. Will he stop making dumb turn overs who knows?? But we need that guy because he can get in the lane!

Kid Flyer

Anthony Grant comment should be nominated for best of the season. Hilarious!

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