Podcast: The Plight of the Spiders

Podcast: The Plight of the Spiders

Donny, Sully and Kevin are back to discuss the sloppy mess that was the weekend of UD basketball. Admittedly, the boys are a little rusty and things start off slow, but as always, the takes eventually poke their ugly heads up. KT wanted to make Donny and Sully sound as dumb as possible, so he lowered their voices for some extra comedy, while his sound comes through crystal clear.

If you want to skip through the usual BS, the boys prepared a little something special at the 21:30 mark. Sully asks KT to put in transition music between segments, he knocks it out of the park. The boys put the weekend in the rear view and set their sights to discussing the game on Tuesday with @FireMooneyMafia, one of the boys cronies on twitter.

Sully and KT dig into the minds of the Richmond faithful and learn the enemy of our enemy is indeed our friend, and give us some insight into the academic standards of other schools in the Richmond area. They wrap up with reminding fans to keep the rivalry with Richmond respectful, and the friends of the Spiders will surely do the same in return.

The boys wrap up talking about the football national championship game tonight (because Donny can’t JUST talk hoops) and Donny does his best to alienate the loyal fans of BBR.

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The LOWD ambassador of Chicago, Sully has spent his life tirelessly watching UD hoops. Welcomer of all takes, hot and cold.

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The Legend of Layton Multon (Rock)
The Legend of Layton Multon (Rock)

Has anyone noticed that our beloved Flyers have already LOST to Coach McCall, Coach Dambrot and Coach Bennett. All 3 who were mentioned or rumored to be Arch’s possible heirs to the throne?? ….and barely beat Coach Hunter who was also on the inheritance short-list??

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