Red and Blue Ends In a Tie, Amuses Crowd

Red and Blue Ends In a Tie, Amuses Crowd

UD’s annual Red and Blue game was played today and for the first time in this site’s storied history, one of our writers did not attend. Apparently they have better things to do than watch a glorified scrimmage on a perfectly fine Saturday afternoon. Being the resourceful man that I am, I asked a current student to cover the game and provide a quick summary of the day’s events. 

I paid this young man $50 to write approximately 125 words — I think I could have afforded Thomas Pynchon at that rate. Anyway, the Red and Blue game, like this blog, is of little substance and we write a post on it simply because we feel like we have to. The people demand it, and we are nothing if not stewards of the community.  

What we can tell you is this. The game ended in a tie, Bobby Wehrli hit three treys and Steve McElvene scored 12 points and grabbed 9 rebounds. The walkons played, a Sweater was extremely impressed by the new white guys and everyone went home in one piece. A Midwestern tapestry really.

Photo by JABLO

Photo by JABLO

The recap from @_benbarnett:

Crosby – did interesting stuff off the dribble but didn’t have a plan after that. Plenty of turnovers. The ball dribbles him. He can get to the rim. Reminiscent of Dillard.

Cooke – passive but showed off plenty of athleticism. Made open shots otherwise didn’t care. He knows he’s good.

McElvene – size changes the defense by his presence alone. Plays above the rim but hands are still shaky.

X – invisible in every context. Disappointing throughout.

Mikesell – good shooting and great instincts; could be useful off of the bench.

Miller – big body and a good shooter; knows who he is.

Otherwise, the vets did what they do without any obvious improvements. Talked to some sweaters pre-game and the preeminent sentiment was we’d be bring the A-10 title home.

Lastly, we are open to submissions this year. The topic can be anything your little heart desires. It will be published on the site, I swear. 

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Angry John

Did not get a chance to go. How did Mikesell look ?


Blackburn what happened to all the other posts? Did someone threaten a lawsuit?

Angry John

Seen Mikesell play in high school. Reminded me of Matt Howard of Butler.

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